Tracy Kyle

Tracy Kyle 2020-06-04T20:16:53-05:00

Tracy Kyle loves to volunteer with organizations that change people’s lives and is involved with several in the Brazos Valley. She began by helping with organizing the BVC Steak Your Support event 5 years ago, an opportunity that allowed her to see firsthand the passion that BVC has for our veterans and their belief that we owe them a debt that will never be able to be repaid for their service but they work towards trying to show them the respect they deserve through helping them when life throws them a curve ball. She also witnessed the amazing improvement of a close acquaintance who is a Vietnam veteran who received treatment for PTSD from Dr. Elk through BVC, showing Tracy without a doubt the amazing service the organization offers to area veterans in need. Tracy feels that no matter what role she plays in the organization, she is dedicated to remaining involved with BVC to help fulfill its role in helping local veterans and veteran families to feel appreciated and honored. Her prayer is to remain involved in BVC so she can help the organization stay true to its mission and to make a difference to every veteran in our community.