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TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR Brazos Valley cares organizational grants and individual grants

For grants awarded after April 1, 2016

Brazos Valley Cares may modify the terms and conditions of the grant process at any time.  Updates can be found here or requested by emailing [email protected].


Brazos Valley Cares funds BVC Organizational Grants and BVC Individual Grants.

BVC Organizational Grants are grants to non-profit organizations that fund projects, activities and expenses that align with the mission of Brazos Valley Cares, which is to provide meaningful support for military veterans or their families who live in or have ties to the Brazos Valley in Texas, as well as targeted non-monetary gifts that support the Fisher House and the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) at Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC).

BVC Individual Grants are grants provided directly to one or more individual veterans, family members of veterans, or next of kin in the Brazos Valley consistent with the local mission of Brazos Valley Cares.


All grants must:

  1. Relate to the mission ofBrazos Valley Cares
  2. Exclude any liability to Brazos Valley Cares, Trustees, or volunteers beyond the funding amount of the grant
  3. Adhere to the governing laws of the United States, the State of Texas,and all local counties, municipalities, and other government and regulatory authorities
  4. Harm no individuals or entities.
  5. Only fund activities that have been reviewed and approved by BVC; After grant approval, any changes to the funded plan, proposal or activities must be pre-approved by BVC
  6. Comply with the BVC Conflict of Interest Policy for Grant Participants as outlined in these terms and conditions
  7. Comply with the BVC Marks Policy as outlined in these terms and conditions
  8. Comply with all other BVC policies

Organizational and Individual Grants:

  1. May fund projects and activities at the Warrior and Family Support Center, Fisher House or Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas, or in the Brazos Valley of Texas where permitted by applicable governing laws and in accordance with BVC policies
  2. Support humanitarian and essential needs as a higher priority than “nice to have”, “feel good”, or other non-essential needs for veterans and their families
  3. Are measurable in the benefits that result from the grant; Expenses to measure project outcomes are capped at 10 percent of the project budget.
  4. May allocate up to 10 percent of the project budget for project management costs, which may include a project manager and project-specific overhead and administrative costs of cooperating organizations
  5. May allocate up to 3% of the grant award for grant-related administrative expenses such as bank fees, postage, software, and an independent financial assessment
  6. May allocate up to 20 percent of the grant for contingencies, but all projects and activities added to the grant post-approval must be pre-approved by BVC.


Grants cannot be used to unfairly discriminate against any group; promote a particular political or religious viewpoint; support purely religious functions.

In addition, grants cannot fund:

  1. Establishment of a foundation, permanent trust, or long-term interest-bearing account.
  2. Purchase of land or buildings
  3. Fundraising activities
  4. Expenses related to entertainment activities or public relations initiatives unless they are essential to project implementation
  5. Project signage in excess of $500
  6. Operating, administrative, or indirect program expenses of another organization with the exception of expenses allowed within the project management allocation
  7. Unrestricted cash donations to a beneficiary or cooperating organization
  8. Activities for which the expense has already been incurred
  9. Travel for youth under the age of 18, unless accompanied by their parents or guardians
  10. New construction of or additions to any structure in which individuals live, work, or engage in any gainful activity, such as buildings (schools, homes/low-cost shelters, and hospitals), containers, and mobilehomes, or of structures in which individuals carry out manufacturing or processing activities.
  11. Travel for staff of a cooperating organization
  12. Activities primarily implemented by an organization other than the grant recipient

How to apply

Apply for grants online here.

Individuals prohibited from serving on the BVC Grant Committee include officers and paid staff of a cooperating or beneficiary organization associated with the grant.  Organizations and individuals may submit one application per grant calendar year, and this application must include a spending plan. Any requests for an increase in the grant amount must be made before any portion of the grant has been paid by BVC. All BVC Organizational Grant applications must be received before 15 May of the year for which the funds are requested. (For example, applications for 2016-17 district grants must be received by 15 May 2016.) Recipient organizations and individuals must report on the use of grant funds or return them to the BVC if they are not used. Applications involving travel should be submitted 90 days prior to the travel dates. Note that:

  1. If grant applications are not formally submitted within 12 months of initiation, the application will be canceled
  2. If grant applications are not completed and approved within six months of submission, the application will be canceled
  3. If payment requirements are not met within six months of approval, the grant will be canceled
  4. If grants are not implemented within 12 months of payment, the grant will be canceled and the sponsors will be required to return the funds.


BVC Organizational and Individual Grants are funded by BVC solely with allocations from annual BVC fundraising activities. Awards typically range from US$1,000 to $45,000, and are typically funded on MONTH DD each year. Funds should never be collected from beneficiaries in exchange for receiving a grant.


Cooperating organizations are reputable non-BVC organizations that provide expertise, infrastructure, advocacy, training, education, or other support for the grant. Cooperating organizations must agree to comply with all reporting and auditing activities required by BVC and provide receipts and proof of purchase as required. No more than one grant may be approved in one grant year for projects involving a single cooperating organization. Universities are not considered a cooperating organization.  All funding provided to cooperating organizations must be used for specific project expenses. The primary grant recipient must maintain an itemized report of such expenses. At the time of application, grant recipients need to provide a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by both primary grant recipients and the cooperating organization(s) that should include the following:

  1. Verification from primary grant recipient that the primary grant recipient has initiated, controlled, and managed the grant.
  2. Endorsement from the primary grant recipient that the cooperating organization is reputable, responsible, and acting within all governing laws
  3. Grant proposal clearly delineating the activities of each party
  4. Agreement from the cooperating organization to participate in any financial review by BVC of activities connected with the grant


Grant funds will be paid only to the bank account identified by the grant applicant at the time of application. No grants will be funded with cash contributions.  BVC grant funds will not be released until the previous BVC year’s grants are closed. Grant funds will be paid to the account provided in the application. Account signatories must be members of the organization submitting the grant, or the individual(s) for individual grants. If a grant project is canceled after the project sponsors receive payment, all remaining grant funds must be returned to BVC.


Grant recipients are responsible for reporting on the use of grant funds to BVC. Progress and final reports must be submitted online and all forms must be completed in their entirety for the report to be accepted. New grant applications will not be accepted by BVC if a grant sponsor has an overdue report for any BVC grant. BVC reserves the right to review grants at any time, conduct an audit, send a monitor, require additional documentation, and suspend any or all payments. The following reporting criteria also apply to grant recipients:

  1. Unused grant funds must be returned promptly to BVC
  2. Grant sponsors must maintain copies of all receipts and bank statements related to grant-funded expenditures in accordance with the terms of qualification and any applicable local and international laws
  3. Grant recipients who fail to adhere to BVC policies and guidelines in implementing and financing grant projects must return grant funds in their entirety and may be barred from receiving future grants for a period of up to five years.
  4. Final reports documenting the disbursement of funds must be submitted to BVC within 12 months of receiving the payment, or within two months of the grant’s total disbursement.
  5. All grant projects and activities funded by BVC grants must be completed within 24 months of disbursement by BVC
  6. Progress reports must be submitted within 12 months of receiving the first grant payment and every 12 months thereafter if the project is active beyond one year.
  7. Final reports must be submitted within two months of completing the project.

Acceptable reports contain detailed accounts of the project’s implementation, including:

  1. A description of how the project has advanced the mission of BVC
  2. An account of how the project achieved the specific objectives outlined in the application, including the relevant measures and data collected
  3. A description of the participation of the primary recipient and cooperating organizations associated with the grant
  4. The report should also include a detailed account of spending for the project and project account bank statements. Additionally, BVC may request that primary recipients submit receipts in support of the report. Grant recipients must agree to keep receipts for expenses of US$75 and up. BVC will close the grant once the project implementation is complete