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Non-profit organizations that support United States veterans or their families may apply for a Brazos Valley Cares Organizational Grant.

Individual veterans or their families may apply for a Brazos Valley Cares Individual Grant.

All applicants must meet the qualifications and adhere to  Grant Terms and Conditions.

Giving History and Strategy

In 2013, several Texans in the Brazos Valley came together to provide financial support for the Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) in San Antonio, Texas, to support families, next of kin, and rehabilitating warriors at the nearby Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC), one of the world’s best trauma centers.

In 2015, this group of friends created a Texas non-profit called Brazos Valley Cares for the primary purpose of providingsignificant ongoing annual financial support to WFSC, as well as occasional targeted donations to the Fisher House and the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) at BAMC in San Antonio.

Recognizing the number of veterans living in the Brazos Valley and needing meaningful psychological, emotional, physiological, and targeted financial support, Brazos Valley Cares also expanded its giving strategy in 2015 to include financial support for veterans and veteran families located in the Brazos Valley.

In 2016, Brazos Valley Cares launched an annual grant process with regularly defined periods to submit, evaluate, select, and communicate awards for grants.  Additionally, Brazos Valley Cares created a small Emergency Reserve Fund [ERF] available to assist individual veterans or family members on very short notice with emergency tactical needs outside the customary grant process.


Organizations and individuals can apply for grants from Brazos Valley Cares using the Grant Application.  Note: Emergency needs should not be submitted via this Grant Application. Instead, click on the Emergency Fund button at the top of the page and then call the number provided.

Key annual dates and deadlines for submitting, evaluating, selecting, announcing, and funding grants:

  • August 14: Deadline to submit grant applications to Brazos Valley Cares at [email protected].
  • August 18-31: Grant evaluation and selection recommendations by the BVC Grant Committee, and selection decisions by the Board of Trustees
  • August 31: Publicly announce all grant award recipients and amounts
  • September 30: Complete funding for all grant awards
  • November 1 – December 31: Evaluate grant effectiveness and communicate donor giving impact
Individual Grant Application
Organizational Grant Application


Measurable outcomes are an important component of Brazos Valley Cares grants. Please note – Applications conveying how our funds will be monitored and verified of the impacts will carry more weight than those without this information. Grants can be turned down for lack of information at our discretion.

Brazos Valley Cares grants are reviewed, approved, monitored, and measured for effectiveness by the organization’s Grants Committee and directly by the Board of Trustees.