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In 2013, several Texans in the Brazos Valley came together to provide financial support for the Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) in San Antonio, Texas, to support families, next of kin, and rehabilitating warriors at the nearby Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC), one of the world’s best trauma centers.

In 2015, this group of friends created a Texas non-profit called Brazos Valley Cares for the primary purpose of providing significant ongoing annual financial support to WFSC, as well as occasional targeted donations to the Fisher House and the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) at BAMC in San Antonio.
Recognizing the number of veterans living in the Brazos Valley and needing meaningful psychological, emotional, physiological, and targeted financial support, Brazos Valley Cares also expanded its giving strategy in 2015 to include financial support for veterans and veteran families located in the Brazos Valley.

In 2016, Brazos Valley Cares launched an annual grant process with regularly defined periods to submit, evaluate, select, and communicate awards for grants. Additionally, Brazos Valley Cares created a small Emergency Reserve Fund [ERF] available to assist individual veterans or family members on very short notice with emergency tactical needs outside the customary grant process.

In 2016 and 2017, our giving has increased dramatically due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors.  We’ve donated to local organizations like American Legion, TAMU Veteran Resource Center, Aggie Shields, DAVS, Wreaths Across America local branch, TAMU Veteran Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, and Museum of the American GI.  Our Emergency Fund committee stays busy as we respond to needs of local veterans and their families, with anything from paying utility bills, rent, groceries, and even funeral expenses.  We’ve also held PTSD Bootcamps to serve local veterans, bringing to town Dr Carrie Elk of the Elk Institute.   Finally, we’ve again given to the Warrior & Family Support Center in San Antonio.