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Guidelines for BVC Funded Project Signage

Unless otherwise stated in the grant approval, recipients of Brazos Valley Cares grant funds are required to provide appropBVCateBrazos Valley Cares project signage.Grant recipients must also comply with the policy regarding the proper use of Brazos Valley Cares Marks as outlined below.

BVC Guidelines for Use of the Brazos Valley Cares Marks by Grant Recipients and Cooperating Organizations

  1. For the limited use granted herein, Brazos Valley Cares (hereinafter “BVC”) recognizes that [name of Grant Recipient or cooperating organization] (hereinafter “Grant Recipient”) may use the BVC Marks, as defined below, in the following manner(s) and subject to the following provisions.
  2. Grant Recipient recognizes that BVC is the owner of numerous trademarks and service marks, including, but not limited to, “Brazos Valley Cares” and the BVClogo (the “BVC Marks”).
  3. Nothing in the limited use granted herein will constitute an assignment or license of any of the BVC Marks by BVC to Grant Recipient.
  4. Grant Recipient recognizes that BVC retains control over where recognition materials are allowed to be displayed in the various venues of BVC authorized meetings, BVC events or publicly displayed otherwise in connection with the grant, partnership or alliance.
  5. Grant Recipient recognizes that BVC reserves the right to pre-approve publications and other media in which Grant Recipient wishes to advertise using the BVC Marks, and to approve all uses of the BVC Marks in any materials connected with the grant or partnership in any and all media, including, but not limited to, for publicity and promotional purposes. Grant Recipient further recognizes that each use contemplated herein will be subject to a pre-publication review and approval process by BVC or BVC’s legal counsel.  BVC retains the sole right to specific denial or authorization of such use or, in the case of alteration (of copy or layout), to be mutually agreed upon by the parties.
  6. Grant Recipient agrees that any use of its logo in any advertisement or promotional materials directly related to a BVCsponsored event or project (including, but not limited to, recognition materials such as banners or signs) must be of equal or lesser unit size to the BVC emblem (or other BVC Marks, at the sole discretion of BVC, unless the BVC emblem or other BVC Mark is part of a repetitive background screen. BVC allows for overwriting of the BVC emblem or other BVC Mark (watermarked, printed, screened or embossed), provided the BVC emblem or other BVC Mark is not otherwise partially covered and/or obstructed.  BVC agrees that in cases where the Grant Recipient might wish to highlight its role in sponsoring a BVC event or project in conjunction with its regular advertising, the BVC emblem may be smaller than the Grant Recipient’s logo.
  7. Grant Recipient recognizes that, without alteBVCng the provisions set out in paragraph 6, above, the BVC Marks may not be altered, modified or obstructed but must be reproduced in their entirety. To accommodate digital media and enhance an accurate reproduction of the BVC emblem, a specially modified emblem may be used for replications smaller than 0.5 inches (1.27 cm), such modified emblem to be used only together with “BVC” as part of the “digital and small space signature lock-up.” There should be no overlap between Grant Recipient’s logo and the BVC emblem or other BVC Mark; the two images should be clearly spaced so as to be two separate and distinct images.
  8. The BVC Marks may be reproduced in black only.