Brazos Valley Cares – A Recovering Veteran’s Success Story!

One of the important services that Brazos Valley Cares provides to area veterans in need is financial support to help them get back on their feet during difficult times.

Whether providing aid directly to veterans or helping partner organizations, we use all of our generously donated funds to help more area veterans with what some of them need to have a brighter future.

Beyond the immediate support we provide, Brazos Valley Cares and its partners also help veterans access government benefits that will help them work towards improving their situations.

A perfect example of how Brazos Valley Cares has stepped in to do just this occurred very recently.

Housing And Healthcare Services Critical for Recovery

Among the many services available to local veterans in this situation who are in need of assistance, the most critical are health care and supportive housing through the office of Veterans.

Unfortunately, many veterans do not know how to access this assistance or even that it is there for them.

Helping veterans access this aid as part of their longer-term personal recovery plan is what organizations like Brazos Valley Cares and Project Unity do.

Through the HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program or HUD-VASH, veterans and their families are able to rent affordable housing with the help of housing vouchers and combat veterans have a priority.

Affordable housing is a key element in the process of helping veterans stabilize their lives, get necessary healthcare, and then move on to find employment so they can lead normal and productive lives.

Local Veteran Succeeds with Help From BVC and Project Unity

This past December, Brazos Valley Cares was contacted by a partner organization Project Unity about a veteran in need who they were looking to help as he was homeless, estranged from his family, and was recently arrested.

Immediately, Brazos Valley Cares sprang into action to help.

We paid for 30 days of lodging, giving enough time for the veteran to work on a personal recovery plan with a caseworker at Project Unity.

In the case of this veteran who is a combat veteran, Brazos Valley Cares is happy to report via updates from Project Unity that he is recovering thanks to all of our help.

With the guidance of his caseworker, he has enrolled for VA services, is currently receiving healthcare, has remained sober, and will be selecting an apartment through the HUD-VASH program.

Until he does, an anonymous donor offered to pay for his housing through the end of January while living arrangements are made and he begins a new job.

All of this assistance has helped to build a critical support base on which he has committed to resume and improve his life.

He has even filed a request to see his children once again so he can rebuild family ties.

Fortunately for this veteran, things are looking up and he who has expressed sincere gratitude for the help received from Project Unity, Brazos Valley Cares, and his other supporters.

We Can Only Do It With Your Help

This veteran’s amazing story of building a pathway to success is only possible because organizations like Brazos Valley Cares and Project Unity exist, care, and are here to help our veterans access the assistance they need and should have.

We exist because of the generous donations of our supporters.

It is the mission of Brazos Valley Cares to continue providing financial and supportive assistance to local veterans so there can be many more success stories like this.

Steak Your Support 2021 - It's On!

The best way that you can be a part of this success is to donate or support one of our events, including this year’s Steak Your Support Annual Fundraiser.

With last year’s event affected by COVID-19, we are very excited to announce that this year’s Steak Your Support fundraiser will happen on March 27, 2021, at the Brazos Valley Expo Center.

Look for more news about it in our forthcoming updates!

Anyone wishing to sponsor Steak Your Support 2021 in some way or donate to the auctions can contact us at (979) 361-7815 or click our donate link.

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