Texas Veteran Benefits – What Vets Need to Know!

The state of Texas honors its resident veterans in many ways, including certain benefits available only to them.

Any veteran who has served in the armed forces is entitled to these benefits which are provided in the hopes of helping veterans, especially those with disabilities or other needs, lead productive and comfortable lives.

Functioning as a caring partner for our local veterans, Brazos Valley Cares is here to help area veterans know what special benefits Texas has for them and how they can best take advantage of them.

Housing and Home Loan Benefits

Resident veterans in Texas have available to them a few important benefits to aid with housing and taking out home loans so that every veteran may have a safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live:

  • Veteran Home Loans - Below-market interest rates on home loans to veterans through the Texas Veterans Land Board.
  • Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption - Reduction or Exemption of property taxes for disabled veterans depending on the degree of disability.
  • Texas Veterans Homes - Homes for honorably-discharged veterans and their spouses with rates based on income level.

Education Benefits

In an effort to help Texas veterans, their spouses, and their children obtain higher education more affordably, the state offers these important education benefits:

  • Hazelwood Act - Provides up to 150 credit hours of tuition-free education at state universities and colleges with qualifications.
  • Hazelwood Act for Veteran Spouses or Children - Provides up to 50 tuition-free education credit hours for the spouses and children of veterans who died in the line of duty.
  • Legacy Act - Allows veterans eligible for the Hazelwood Act to transfer any unused credit hours to their children. 

Employment Benefits

Because finding employment can be challenging for veterans, the state of Texas offers these valuable benefits to help veterans gain employment and save for their retirement:

  • Veteran’s Preference - Gives wartime veterans and the spouses and children of those killed while on active duty preference with employers when applying for employment with state agencies.
  • Veteran’s Entrepreneur Program - Business tools, consultation, finances, and marketing assistance are provided for veteran entrepreneurs and veteran small business owners.
  • Military Retirement Time Credits - Allows non-retired state employee veterans to convert their active duty time into retirement contributions by depositing the required monthly employee deposit x a maximum of 60 months for active duty time.

Personal Benefits

The following personal benefits are also available to resident Texas veterans:

  • Free Driver's License - Qualifying veterans with a service disability of 60% or more are entitled to a free Texas driver's license or Texas ID card.
  • Veteran’s Cemetery Benefit - No charge burial available at one of four state veteran cemeteries for veterans, their spouses, and their children.

Recreation Benefits

In addition to all the above benefits available to Texas veterans, U.S. veterans from all states are offered the following recreational benefits for those looking to enjoy the wide-open spaces within the state of Texas:

  • Disabled Veteran Hunting and Fishing License - Free “super-combo” hunting and all water fishing licenses available to veterans with a 50% or greater disability that involves the loss of or use of a foot or leg.
  • Disabled Veteran State Park Admission - Free admission to Texas state parks for disabled veterans with 60% or greater disability or service-related loss of a lower extremity.
  • Active Duty Hunting and Fishing License - Free “super-combo” hunting and all water fishing license to all Texas residents on active duty plus out of state residents on active duty or their dependents may purchase at Texas resident price.

Texas and BVC Cares About Veterans

Veterans who are Texas residents have a large offering of benefits to help them get loans, start businesses, visit state parks, build up a retirement fund, and much more.

To learn more about Texas veteran benefits or find out how Brazos Valley Cares helps our local veterans in even more ways, contact BVC today!

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