Dealing With COVID-19 and Veterans in the Brazos Valley

The recent coronavirus outbreak has swiftly changed ways of life for people around the globe as we all fight to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

These drastic changes have left many people feeling scared and unsure, especially those already dealing with personal hardships of other kinds.

It has also highlighted the importance of communities coming together in these times of need to care for each other and ensure that all members receive the support necessary to stay safe and remain healthy.

Urgent Need - Funds Running Low Due to COVID-19 - Please Donate Now!

BVC Still Caring For Area Veterans Through COVID-19

Throughout this trying period, Brazos Valley Cares continues to provide critical support to area Veterans in need of assistance.

This is why BVC is here and needs your continued support as well to keep helping an already compromised group of very special individuals in our area remain safe and healthy.

Our wish for everyone during this time is to take care of each other yet still remember our local veterans who may be especially hard hit by the hardships our entire community is dealing with now.

Steak Your Support Postponed to August 8, 2020

To say that having to postpone our biggest fundraising event of the year has been a blow to BVC and our area veterans is an understatement; however, like our resilient veterans - BVC will prevail.

Steak Your Support was originally scheduled for Saturday, March 28th but has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 8th as a virtual event due to statewide and local COVID-19 mandates.

We are deeply saddened that the event could not happen as scheduled but equally inspired that, with more time, we can invite more people and make the event even better than originally planned!

Pencil in the date and plan on seeing us online August 8th for a fun and fundraising so BVC can continue doing what it does best - caring for our local veterans.

BVC Board Member Spotlight

Continuing with information about BVC Board Members, here is another avid supporter!

Vita Register

I am self-employed as a hairstylist and have been volunteering with BVC for over 6 years throughout the time that my sons Dustin and Justin were in school.

I wanted to find a way to stay involved in the community and found Brazos Valley Cares.

My husband Kean is a veteran and spending time with soldiers and veterans over the years has helped me realize how an organization like BVC can be such a help to area veterans and their families.

A veteran's service and sacrifice benefits us all!

Though there are lots of opportunities to volunteer in the Brazos Valley, I feel that BVC is where I belong.

It has been very exciting to see the growth and progress of Brazos Valley Cares, especially during their biggest fundraiser Steak Your Support that has grown larger each year and is an amazing event.

Please Consider A Contribution During This Global Pandemic

COVID-19 poses a serious threat to all of our communities, especially older citizens and those with compromised immune systems, which includes many of our local veterans.

Please keep you and your family safe during these unsettling times by following CDC guidelines on hygiene to reduce spread and be especially cautious if you are an older American, have an underlying health condition, or are immuno-compromised.

As our area veterans have shown us so many times in the past, with each other’s help we can get through hardship and will this time as well!

See you in August for the rescheduled Steak Your Support fundraiser event and make it an even bigger and better event with this extra planning time.

If you already have a reservation, please show up as planned on August 8 - if you'd like to join us on our rescheduled date, click HERE for information and to reserve a seat.

Need For Donations

As we travel through the time of this pandemic and feel led to help others facing hardships by COVID-19, please consider making a very-needed donation to Brazos Valley Cares so we may continue to be the lifeline our veterans so desperately need!

Donate Here So BVC Can Continue to Help Our Veterans!