Serving Brazos Valley Veterans – Meet BVC Board of Directors!

Since 2015, Brazos Valley Cares has been providing financial support to veterans and veteran families in the Brazos Valley directly in many different ways, including an Emergency Fund, PTSD Bootcamp with Dr. Carrie Elk of the Elk Institute, and a Grant Program that has so far supported 23 Veteran Service Organizations among others.

We are a non-profit with the sole goal of helping our area veterans lead healthy and productive lives by providing funding for things like healthcare and therapy, transportation to and from appointments, and even financial assistance with expenses like groceries, rent, and funeral arrangements.

The Board of Directors of BVC is comprised of individuals, many of them veterans, who understand the value of our military personnel in this country and how deserving each one of them is of care and assistance when it’s needed most.

Our board members work hard to ensure that area veterans in need of physical, psychological, emotional, and financial assistance get that support by putting their personal and professional skills together in wonderful ways to run the organization, generate funds, and disperse them in suitable ways.

BVC is proud of its Board of Directors and the contribution that each board member makes to this important organization.

James Chirdo, Vice Chairman, Brazos Valley Cares

James Chirdo currently works in the Military Admissions Department at Texas A&M University helping veterans and their families gain acceptance into the university.

Prior to working for A&M University, he served for eight years in the United States Marine Corps.

Seeing first hand the selfless sacrifices our service members and their family members make on a daily basis left a distinct impression on his soul.

He gained an overwhelming sense of pride after witnessing the level of patriotism, love, and respect shown to our heroes by citizens of the Brazos Valley.

His passion for supporting our nation's veterans in any way possible led him to become a board member with Brazos Valley Cares.

James has been with BVC for three years now and looks forward to many more years caring for our military veterans and their families.

Susan Marty – Board Member – Brazos Valley Cares

Susan Marty is a native Texan and a United States Air Force veteran with a background in nonprofit and volunteer management.

After her enlistment, Susan finished her B.A. in Social Work with help from the Veterans Educational Assistance Program and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

She is a former Program Director at the National Academy of Sciences and prior to that was a House Manager at the Orange County, CA Ronald McDonald House and a Social Worker at Orange County Head Start.

Along with her husband Tom, she is active in the American Legion serving as an officer at the local and state levels as well as a member of the cadre of trainers for Texas American Legion College.

Susan is excited about the opportunity to serve veterans in the Brazos Valley and help grow the mission of Brazos Valley Cares, Inc.

James Snell – Board Member – Brazos Valley Cares

James Snell is a U.S. Army Veteran and the owner of UrbanCreek Construction & Design. His passion for helping fellow service members and veterans became ingrained during his 19-year military career.

He was first introduced to Brazos Valley Cares in late 2018 when he was asked to help solve a problem that several of our local veterans were facing.

He and his wife Shanda later attended the 2019 BVC Steak Your Support banquet and he was hooked.

The unbridled support that Brazos Valley Cares works to grow and channel for our local veterans and their families is like nothing he had ever seen.

James is humbled at the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Tracy Kyle - Board Member - Co-Owner of Kyle Office Products

Tracy Kyle loves to volunteer with organizations that change people’s lives and is involved with several in the Brazos Valley.

She began by helping with organizing the BVC Steak Your Support event 5 years ago, an opportunity that allowed her to see firsthand the passion that BVC has for our veterans and their belief that we owe them a debt that will never be able to be repaid for their service but they work towards trying to show them the respect they deserve through helping them when life throws them a curve ball.

She also witnessed the amazing improvement of a close acquaintance who is a Vietnam veteran who received treatment for PTSD from Dr. Elk through BVC, showing Tracy without a doubt the amazing service the organization offers to area veterans in need.

Tracy feels that no matter what role she plays in the organization, she is dedicated to remaining involved with BVC to help fulfill its role in helping local veterans and veteran families to feel appreciated and honored.

Her prayer is to remain involved in BVC so she can help the organization stay true to its mission and to make a difference to every veteran in our community.

Our Mission and Our Board

Working together with the community, Brazos Valley Cares has taken on an essential role in supporting our local veterans and their families when other avenues have fallen short.

Our dedicated board members are the critical key to ensuring BVC can accomplish everything it sets out to do.

Look for the next installment of this segment to meet the rest of our directors who complete the Board that keeps BVC caring!

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