Steak Your Support Thank You

Thank You for Your Support

Steak Your Support 2018 has come and gone. Our board and the various committees are already working on 2019! Before we move on completely and focus on next year, we wanted to take time to say thank you. The event was a huge success and we were thrilled to see old friends and make some new ones as well. Whenever an event changes time of year, you hope that enough people get the message and move along with you and boy did people get the message!

As much fun as it was, as cool is it was seeing Radar and Klinger, it was all for our veterans. Thank you for helping us raise a lot of money for our veterans here in the Brazos Valley. We’re still tallying up everything, but we know we raised enough money to continue with our emergency fund for veterans and their families who need just a little extra help to get through their next pay day. Also, we’ll be able to assist other veteran organizations through grants.

If you’d like more information on if your organization qualifies for a grant and would like to apply, visit our website, The deadline to apply for a grant is March 31, so get them in quickly. The month of April, we’ll evaluate each and every request that was submitted and announce all grant award recipient and amounts on April 30.

Again, our ability to do this is all thanks to the businesses and individuals who come out for Steak Your Support Dinner last weekend. We honestly cannot express our gratitude for your generosity and support throughout the years for our veterans.


The generosity of our community has been incredible as we have continued to grow and serve our veterans, their families, and local veteran service organizations. As needs continue to arise within the Brazos Valley, however, there is a present need for support. Join us in our mission today and together we can serve those who have served.